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Dock153, a text mining application that accelerates the analysis of thousands of resumes

MIAMI, Florida – April 13, 2016 – Vermis Analytics, a company that helps organizations turn data into actionable insights, just released  Dock153, a text mining application that accelerates the analysis of thousands of resumes when a company is doing DIY recruiting.  Dock153 allows hiring managers to identify the most qualified candidate(s) in matter of minutes.  Its algorithm will assign a score to candidates based on how closely his or her skills, knowledge and experience are to the job description.  The hiring manager will be able to view all scores and see the strength of each candidate along with his or her geographical location without opening each resume one by one. 
 “We are thrilled to launch the Dock153 application,” said Jorge Gonzalez, Vermis Analytics’ Co-Founder.  “Most companies receive hundreds to thousands of resumes when posting a new job opening, this makes the hiring process very time consuming and costly.  Our goal is to minimize this pain by providing an application that will automatically sort through every resume and make a recommendation on who is most suitable to the company based on their job description.  This application is the result of our commitment to help companies maximize the use of their structured and unstructured data.”

Hiring managers will no longer have to sort through thousands of resume submissions in their inboxes.  They may easily be missing a highly qualified candidate just because of the hassle it takes to open each resume and skim through it.  In addition to expediting the screening process, Dock153 highlights the keywords in each resume so that it will help guide the conversation during the interview.

Dock153 accepts PDF and Word documents, which are both standard amongst job seekers.  It even tells hiring managers if there is an issue with one of the uploaded resumes in case they want to re-upload or scan that one themselves.  

Vermis Analytics is offering a free trial of Dock153.  

Please send a request to dock@vermis.io

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