martes, 20 de enero de 2015

President Obama announced his support for municipal broadband initiatives and faster broadband speeds in the United States.

President Obama called for an end to state laws that restrict the abilities of cities and towns to build their own broadband networks. Public Knowledge applauds the President’s recognition of high-speed broadband as a vital community resource.

Without high-speed internet, communities simply cannot offer competitive education, healthcare, and business opportunities to their residents. For too long, many towns have pleaded for affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet connections, but incumbent Internet Service Providers have been unable or unwilling to upgrade their services. 

You can be part of the growing movement of Americans who are standing up for the right of local communities to bring high-speed broadband to their residents. Learn more from President Obama’s video demonstration at the Oval Office and from his speech in Cedar Falls, Iowa, a city with an inspirational municipal broadband success story.  

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